What are the benefits of a smart EV charger?

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With a smart EV charger
installed on your property, you can say goodbye to long queues at public charging stations and messy three-pin plug wires. You can charge your EV whenever you want, from the comfort of your own home. Our smart EV charger takes care of everything for you.
Charging your electric vehicle has never been easier or more convenient. Additionally, you can set your EV to charge automatically at a time that suits you, making charging sessions even more convenient. Once you're plugged in, you won't have to lift a finger.

2. Faster charging 
Smart home EV chargers are typically rated at 7kW, compared to three-pin plug EV charging rated at approximately 2kW. With these dedicated smart EV charging stations, you can charge three times faster than with a three-pin plug.

3. Safer charging
Some chargers (although not all) offer added security and safety features.
What’s more, some electric vehicle chargers have an added safety element with the dynamic load balancing feature. If you’re using multiple electrical household appliances – think washing machine, TV, microwave – at the same time, you may overload your circuit, and if you add charging an electric vehicle into the equation, then there’s the possibility of blowing the fuse. The load balancing feature ensures that circuits are not overloaded by balancing your electrical demand.
4.Cheaper charging 
All smart EV chargers come with a charge scheduling feature that allows you to set the exact time for charging your electric vehicle.
By taking advantage of off-peak hours, typically between 11 pm-5:30 am, when energy prices are at their lowest, you can save on costs. By setting your electric vehicle to charge during these hours, you can gain significant financial benefits. As the UK government states, users who take advantage of smart electric vehicle charging can save up to £1000 per year.
5. Greener charging
Not only is charging during off-peak hours more cost-effective, but it is also better for the environment. This is because renewable energy sources such as wind and solar are used to generate electricity during off-peak hours, rather than carbon-intensive methods.
Additionally, some home electric car chargers offer various charging modes that can be used in conjunction with your solar PV energy system. The iEVLEAD smart EV charger 
is a great choice for environmentally conscious drivers. It is fully compatible with solar energy, which means you can charge your EV using clean, renewable power.
6. Aesthetic charging
Smart EV chargers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, meaning unlike unsightly three-pin plug EV charging, you can invest in a stylish, unobtrusive smart unit that parallels your home aesthetic.
7. Grid stability
The rise in electric vehicles is putting additional strain on the electricity grid. However, there is no need to worry as the grid has been designed to cope with the increase in demand as EV adoption continues to grow. Smart charging can aid the transition and support the grid by promoting charging during periods of low energy demand.

8. Maintain EV battery performance
You can avoid relying on public chargers, which can damage your battery and encourage premature battery degradation due to their high charging rates. Investing in a smart EV charger at home is highly recommended for EV drivers. With a smart EV charger, you can confidently charge your EV with the recommended kilowatt rating, knowing that you are taking good care of your battery. Moreover, having a home EV charger  makes it easier to maintain a balanced charging rate of between 20% and 80%, ensuring a healthy battery.

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Post time: Jan-18-2024